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  • Cavender Cadillac

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    Cavender Cadillac

    801 Broadway St
    San Antonio, TX 78215
    Phone: 210-226-722

    This dealer ranked No modification ranking available

    Dealer notes: None...
    all rankings out of 10 with 10 being best
    Overall rank:8.2
    Customer Serivce:9.4
    Treated your car:9.6
    Total number of Submissions:5

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    Individual Comments

    marc M6none
    Derek U10I never EVER let a dealer clean my car, but they didn't scratch it. Competent and polite, that's all you can ask for. Cavender is the best Caddy dealer in San Antonio period.
    Jac Ammann10none
    Mrs Aponte5These comments are referring to our visit for oil change, tire rotation and mainly for tire repair on 3-6-2007. We have had the worst time ever trying to sort this problem. We had a flat while we were at the mall. Sears took a look at the tire and said that the problem was with the side wall and it was 'unrepairable'. We call the tire warrantee we purchased at this dealer, and they denied the claim based on the information given by the Cavender Cadillac repair person. My husband cancelled the warrantee because it defeats the purpose to have a warrantee and then need to spend over $270 on a tire. Now, after more research it appears to be that the information provided by the repair person at the dealer, ruled out the need to replace the tire. The said it was leaking from where the tire was previously repaired (injection), and after taking the tire back to Costco, where it was repaired a while back, they indicated that no air was leaking out of that site, that it was in fact leaking out of the wall of the tire and that can not be repair!!! Here we go again. My husband is back at the dealer trying to figure out in the first place, why where these tires in this care when the reviews for the Firestone Eagle RSA are awful, why were we sold this warrantee that it is not helping us, and finally, why do we have to go through all of these to get our tire fixed or replaced. If so many customer are complaining about the Tire Warrantee why is that are they still selling in at the Dealer? We have had this car is only 4 months! This is completely unacceptable! Is this the ‘Cadillac experience’? Please, I would like to speak with Mr. Bill Cavender himself.
    Mr. Ed10Consistent good service. Good attitudes. Shep is excellent service writer. Ken McDonald is fantastic service director. Very friendly and accommodating staff. Cavender Buick also ranks up there with the best. In my mind, all of the Cavender dealerships deserve the "gold status."

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