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  • Sewell Cadillac

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    Sewell Cadillac

    7310 Lemmon Ave
    dallas, TX 75209
    Phone: 214-350-200

    This dealer ranked No modification ranking available

    Dealer notes: None...
    all rankings out of 10 with 10 being best
    Overall rank:8.2
    Customer Serivce:9.5
    Treated your car:7.5
    Total number of Submissions:9

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    Individual Comments

    Bobby m10Great so far
    jeff ber10Very friendly and always have a loner car ready for me, even if my car will only take a few hours to fix. So far everything that has needed fixing or updated has been done right on the first try.
    Tim Z10none
    Heath Smith5I thought that taking the car to the #1 dealer in the DFW area would result in a great experience for me. My 05 V was in for the first oil change at 2400 miles,rotate,activate the alarm and wheel hop. Unfortunately, it was a great experience for the technicians. They put 10 miles on the car and posted a max .89g on the meter. Having all that fun in my car, they forgot to rehang the mufflers after the rear bushings and did not activate the alarm. You can only wonder how many attempts were made in 10 miles to post the .89g. I understand that roadtests must be made after a rotate, but do they have to test the limits of the car as well? I was very unhappy, and I voiced my opinion to the Service manager. He offered my next oil change at no cost. I offered he pay for at least one of the $366 run craps that his technicians scrubbed during the joyride. He laughed, I left and posted a .98g. The V is a fun car, I just wish I could trust Sewell with it.
    Stephen K10The service writer didn't understand wheelhop. I had to print out the service bulletin from cadfaq and then they repaired with the new bushings. No more wheelhop, replaced radiator, and diff bushing too. My car is lowered and has magnaflow and it wasn't an issue. Gave me a new Saab suv to tool around in too. Excellent experience.
    Jon9I have had a few of my cars serviced here with no problems. My V had been programmed at another dealer to think it was an export model, and had been setting the service vehicle soon warning. They were able to dig into it enough and find the problem, making the car a joy to own once again. That, and I always get a pretty nice rental too.
    Victoria Morgan9none

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