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  • Covert Cadillac

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    Covert Cadillac

    11750 B Research Blvd
    Austin, TX 78759
    Phone: 512-583-300

    This dealer ranked No modification ranking available

    Dealer notes: None...
    all rankings out of 10 with 10 being best
    Overall rank:7.6
    Customer Serivce:7.4
    Treated your car:7.1
    Total number of Submissions:9

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    Individual Comments

    Josh D8"You have to manage THEM or your car slips to last on their to-do list. I knew of service bulletins before they did. They end up doing the work right, though, and thats what counts. No negative comments from them about mods though they obviously noticed
    Geoff G8No problems yet but hey I only have 200 miles on my new V!
    Richard LaDow9I only had the steering wheel wiggle issue addressed and I have no mods yet. They knew just what to do (road force balance). Their paperwork reported that two tires were not balanced properly and two had to be adjusted to lower the road force. It rides very smooth all the way through 85 now.
    Brooke J.7Charged me $55.00 (1/2 hr labor)to program a key fob then forgot to cut the key that was left with them. The dealer replaced the radiator and reprogrammed the TPS. I had to ask about any TSB's witch they found 1 for the PCM reprogram. Overall the work was ok. Covert is the only game in Austin.
    Megan1I will never go back to Covert. I live in Austin and will now be making the trek down to San Antonio to do ANYTHING to my car. The parts department is Covert's only saving grace.
    Austin Dave9Experienced based on 08 Escalade & 09 CTS-V
    Matthew10I have been using Covert Cadillac since I bought my 06 CTS-V, and have gone back to them for both my 09 CTS-V and 11' CTS-V coupe. I have noticed that over they years the sales experience has really improved, with reduced turn over on sales people. Additionally, while service has always been grate, there was one issue that was dealt with quickly and to my satisfaction. I can only say that their body shop could use some improvements, but isn't too out of line from most.

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