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  • Jim Coleman Cadillac

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    Jim Coleman Cadillac

    10400 Auto Park Avenue
    Bethesda, ML 20817
    Phone: 301-469-211

    This dealer ranked No modification ranking available

    Dealer notes: None...
    all rankings out of 10 with 10 being best
    Overall rank:4.1
    Customer Serivce:5.8
    Treated your car:4.1
    Total number of Submissions:6

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    Individual Comments

    Carl R2"Absolutely pitiful dealer service. No knoledge of V issues at all (alarm problem, leaking tires, Corsa/Caddie alliance). Could not fix anything after leaving car for nearly a week. Suggested that they had fixed my leaking tire by balancing it!! Promised
    Steven Lawhorn2I bought a CTS (2003) first and would have given them a #1 in every category. I had so many issues with that car so about a year and a half later I bought a CTS-V with them and they know very little about the V. I just recently mentioned the problem with wheel hopping and they had no clue about it. They said it would take days to fix after they research it. I took my car in for a rattle problem which took days to fix and when I picked it up my V had 11 miles on it. I truly feel they were joy riding in my $50K car. I was livid! They said," Oh, Mr. Lawhorn, we must test drive the vehicle to make sure it is fixed." The rattle was never fixed and I could immitate the noise within a few blocks. They really suck. There is no management there or maybe the manager is really not in charge if you know what I mean.
    Mark4They never complete repairs on time and don't give progress updates. It took 3 trips for the same problem. I don't know if it's just because I didn't buy from them but they seem to treat warranty work as a low priority.
    Paul6Service department was real friendly and willing to help. Replaced anything I asked for (rear bezel, peeling headlights) and did not question any mods. Although at one point they tried to blame my Volant CAI for causing a rubbing issue with my tires/brakes(???). Did not seem very knowledgable about the CTS. I got the runaround when trying to get a tech to ride along and diagnose a problem (Tech was always sick, too busy, or not there). I would never get calls during the day for an update on my car. I had one issue when I was told my service advisor had gone home but my car was ready...I went to the dealership to pick up my car, saw my SA and she told me my car was in fact NOT ready.
    J. Abood2Purchased a used car with warranty. Car stalled regularly. Car never repaired by Coleman Cad. and the service manager refused to do any more work under the warranty. Had to go elsewhere to get the car repaired. Car running fine today...no thanks to Coleman Cadillac. They did not stand behind their warranty commitment.
    Mike S9Although I don't have a V, my other car is a Vette. At around 37K, my 3.2L wouldn't start. Had it towed to the dealer and since it was out of the GM warranty, I "luckily" had an extended warranty from Continental. Continental denied the claim for a top end rebuild, but my dealer, Jim Coleman Cadillac, stepped up and made the repair for my warranty's $100.00 deductable. Now that's customer service! I can't give them a "gold status" because I don't have a V, but I would.

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