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  • Lindsay Cadillac

    Map this dealer***GOLD STAR DEALERSHIP***

    Lindsay Cadillac

    1525 Kenwood Ave
    Alexandria, VA 22302
    Phone: (703) 647-8

    This dealer ranked No modification ranking available

    Dealer notes:JPollack@LindsayCadillac.com
    all rankings out of 10 with 10 being best
    Overall rank:9.2
    Customer Serivce:9.4
    Treated your car:8.6
    Total number of Submissions:26

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    Individual Comments

    Carl R10"This dealership has a fantasitc service department that is very knowledgeable about V issues. The Service Director, James Pollack, is a V owner and is a terrific guy. Very helpful. They got my alarm working in 5 minutes, installed my Corsa with skill and
    Doug10The service manager owns a V with Corsa, PLUS he reads the forum. Enough said.
    Chris Van Parys10Outstanding experience especially with James Pollack.
    Diego Fernandez10Never actually taken my car. But on the forums they're extremely helpful.
    Guy Patterson10Met James and talked about his mods - great guy. Ted the service advisor was great in fact can't say enough about this dealership. They even spotted a leaking seal, but we didn't have enough to fix it.
    Dave Johnson10I drove 350 rd trip miles (crazy?) based on their service dept's reputation. It was worth it! James was very helpful, as was Ted and Bill, the technician (ewill3rd) is very competent. They did a warranty repair, UUC install & alignment and everything was done right and with a smile. If only they were closer for routine maint.
    Greg Miller10none
    Jenafer10Oh my gosh! How amazing Lindsay Cadillac was. I bought a V and boy did I get the service of a Cadillac owner. I am very impressed. I have been bragging all week how great they are.
    Larry10I drove 160 miles for my mods and warranty work. 1st class operation. James at Lindsay made it happen. Great experience!
    scott10I didnt even buy my car there and they treat me like i did...class act.
    Paul10Washed my car, were extremely friendly, gave me a discount on my oil change. Will definately be going here from now on
    Gary T10James is the man. Finally a service department who understands the V and treats you like a Cadillac owner.
    Steve Lawhorn10none
    DENNIS W. OTT10Coming from out-of-state, it was well worth driving 2 hours in heavy Washington DC traffic and spending the day waiting for the car mods they performed. The Service Manager owns a modified V. Their Certified Master Technician has outstanding knowledge of the V and does a super job in doing mods, warranty repairs, etc.
    Rob Ketcham10James knows V's, and is helpful and thorough
    Mike Weiggands10none
    lenny harrell10none
    Sarah1I brought my car in a for an oil change and to have my tail light replaced. The mechanic told me that I had a bunch of things I needed to repair and convinced me that these repairs were necessary. I paid almost $1,000.00 to get those things fixed. After driving for 100 miles, the "Serice Engine Soon" appears, I called them back and they told me that the diagnostic would cost $105.00! Terrible service! Horrible people!
    Dave1Extremely shoddy "service". Worst customer service EVER. First I was told on the phone that I was making an "appointment" for 7am, when I get there I'm told there are no appointments, go out and sit in your car till we get to you, then told the recall work I went in for was going to take all day, after I was specifically told on the phone it would take about 3 hours. Staff and techs were all rude from start to finish. Will NEVER NEVER go to this hellhole again.
    Andrew Langlois10none
    Eric Terrell9none
    Duane Scott10none

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