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  • Gary Lang

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    Gary Lang

    1111 State Rt. 31
    McHenry, IL 60050
    Phone: 515-363-307

    This dealer ranked No modification ranking available

    Dealer notes:Facilities are beautiful-large service drive-no waiting.
    all rankings out of 10 with 10 being best
    Overall rank:7.2
    Customer Serivce:8.2
    Treated your car:8.2
    Total number of Submissions:4

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    Individual Comments

    Eric Adams10It was my first time there but J.R. was able to take care of all my needs, including the TSB for wheel hop and free cadillac loaner.
    Keith Dallmann10The Gary Lang Team is Awesome! My slogan for them is "The Best and the Rest do not Matter"
    Eric Adams8After the 2nd time in for the same problem (radio)they got it right. Rotated my tires but didn't reset the tire pres. monitor even though I was assured that they knew what they were doing. I got a flat in the left front and my monitor showed the left rear being flat. I'm finding that they really don't have much V knowledge at all. JR is the only bright spot.
    Joe1They didn't know what the afterblower was on the STS. After I explained it, they tried to charge me to turn it on (this is covered under warrantee per GM corporate). I was servicing the car with an oil change and crank sensor replacement at the time. Its hard not to see this move as money grubbing, it takes about 2 minutes with a Tech II to change this. The crank sensors failed about 2 months after they installed it (may not have been their fault). The staff treated me rudely, referring to the car as if it wasn't mine. I believe they thought I was just the chauffeur. Complained to the manager, but he acted like the GM warrantee doesn't apply there. Its my fault for taking it do this dealer, they have lied to me before with my previous vehicle, but this is the only Cadillac dealer in the county. Now I drive 45 miles to have my vehicle serviced.

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