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  • Michael Stead Chevrolet - Cadi

    Map this dealer***GOLD STAR DEALERSHIP***

    Michael Stead Chevrolet - Cadi

    2390 N. Main St
    Walnut Creek, CA 94596
    Phone: 925-934-930

    This dealer ranked No modification ranking available

    Dealer notes:Focused on customer satisfaction and I've always received excellent treatment. Competent service and repairs. Service records are computerized and they have the uplink to Detroit so the latest upgrades, service bulletins and recall notices are handled easily. They were Cadillac only until 2005 and have twelve Cadillac Master Mechanics on site.
    all rankings out of 10 with 10 being best
    Overall rank:8.5
    Customer Serivce:8.5
    Treated your car:8.5
    Total number of Submissions:7

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    Individual Comments

    calicadi9Within three days of a service event, I'll get a call from the dealership, regardless how minor the service, asking if everything was OK, did they meet my needs, was I completely satisfied. I always have been so far and I get the feeling if I ever wasn't they'd do everything they could to make it right. My V is the third Cadillac purchased from this dealership. They are a very popular dealership and the service shop is always humming.
    B.10They rock! I bought the car from another dealer with 22 inch wheels. I brought it in for a clunk in the driveline, they told me they had seen it before, and it wasn't related to the tires. They had the car fixed by the end of the day. AND I got it back clean! They washed AND vacuumed the car! It's an 04 Escalade.
    Dallas Wallace1Took the car in for differential whine, pinion leakage, front brake rotor warpage. On the test drive, the Service Manager couldn't feel any rotor warpage, said the whine was normal, and wasn't overly concerned about the leak. He also said he'd never heard of a problem with the CTS-V differential... I did not leave the car with them.
    Irwin10These guys are good, they know what they are doing and are willing to debate the issues in a coherent way, that is important and they always try to sell me something interesting.
    David Greaney10Just took my V in for a leaky diff. They replaced the hose and vent per TSB. Didnt say anything about my mods either. Good service!
    G.L.10Everyone there is top notch. A great experience of teamwork and customer service. Love them.
    Lew10They were fast! Had a clunk and they found a bolt that came loose on my CTS rear end. They reprogrammed the computer for a glitch, and the other thing was my fault...I should have read the manual, and they were very nice about it, and showed me what I was doing wrong. I was in around ten, and done by three p.m.

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